LMP_1485Sometimes a journalist’s job is challenging because they are having trouble pulling words from their sources (and yes, I’m using journalist in the loosest possible sense of the word.) But other times, a writer finds that rare moment when there is so much good fodder, the hardest part is deciding what pieces make the cut because everything just seems so good. And sometimes, one walks the tightrope trying to straddle the line of appropriateness and unmitigated awkwardness in an interview. (more…)

The Styling’s of Summer at MWSBF

LMP_4716Hey Batter Batter!

It was another successful Bee’s Game celebration at Spring Mobile Ball Park for Mountain West’s annual Night Out With the Bees. MWSBF employees, partners, Board Members and their families were treated to dogs, burgers with all the fixins’ and a ball game verses the Las Vegas 51s.


Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business: Breakfast at Tiffany’s

IMG_5975Well, it was actually Breakfast at the Larry H. Miller Campus of Salt Lake Community College, but we had to get your attention some how.

The reality is that for so many small business owners, from their passion to realizing the dream of small business owner often means delving head first into the financial aspects of the daily grind. (more…)

So You’re Writing a Business Plan.

shutterstock_112218428You’ve got the product. You’ve got the people. And perhaps you’ve got a plan to expand… but when it comes to getting the idea down on paper (ok, or at least on a word doc), you feel a serious case of writer’s block every time you sit down to put together your “Business Plan.” (more…)

Partnerships that Work

MWSBF_002Nutella and bananas.

Charlton Heston and an NRA rally. Hippies and a Prius. Mountain West and Small Businesses. It’s all about partnerships made for each other. Mountain West Small Business Finance is proud to partner with banks and small businesses to grow the economy and get more people to work. (more…)

MWSBF at Sochi

Z PicZianibeth Shattuck-Owen has speed in her DNA. So you might say her love for things fast (eg. running so fast she qualified and ran the Boston Marathon, and her time spent as a world-class luge athlete) is a nature-nurture issue. Her grandfather raced motorcycles and her dad cars. Even her nickname sounds like greased lightening, (more…)

Lifetime Products (A Slam Dunk Deal)

275px-Lifetime_LogoThe founder of Lifetime Products wasn’t trying to build a better pole — the first complete basketball system you could raise up and down with a broomstick.
To focus specifically on adjustable basketball systems a separate company was created named Lifetime Products, with the name inspired by the goal of building a durable and lasting product. Today, Lifetime Products, Inc. is the world’s leading manufacturer of basketball hoops. It’s also the leading manufacturer of folding tables and chairs in the United States. But their reach extends beyond the States. Lifetime sells products in more than 70 countries around the globe.
The company has applied innovation and cutting-edge technology in plastics and metals to create a family of affordable lifestyle products that feature superior strength and durability. In addition to basketball systems and various sporting goods offerings (playsets, soccer goals, tetherball systems, etc.), Lifetime manufactures a host of innovative products that outfit the lifestyles of today’s Americans. Their lawn and garden offerings include sheds, composters, deck boxes, outdoor furniture and in 2010 the company expanded into watersports with family-friendly kayaks and paddleboards.
While the company’s growth record is impressive (15 employees in a 32,000 square-foot space in half a warehouse in the Clearfield, Utah Freeport Center to more than 1,400 employees and over three million square feet spread over 30 separate buildings), what may be even more startling is that 14% of Lifetime’s employee base has been with the company for more than 10 years. Likewise, the majority of Lifetime’s manufacturing is done in the U.S. — keeping jobs in Utah and supporting the local economy.
Commitment, innovation and quality are key to the company’s success and growth, and Mountain West Small Business Finance is proud of the role they’ve played in Lifetime’s history and success.
As Mark Whiting, CFO of Lifetime Products, Inc., explained: “The founders actually used six personal credit cards to finance the startup. Later we utilized bank asset-based lending to grow. The Mountain West Small Business Finance piece was crucial, filling the financing gap between startup and bank.”

To make the leap from startup to thriving small business, Lifetime Products used financing facilitated by Mountain West Small Business Finance. This was a crucial step along Lifetime’s path to become the immensely successful company they are today. Lifetime is one of the over 4000 small businesses who have been able to bring their innovative ideas to fruition through an SBA 504 loan from MWSBF. Through the funding of those 4000 businesses, MWSBF has helped to bring over $1 billion dollars of new capital into the economy.