Refinance Loans

3 Huge Benefits of the Mountain West 504 Refinance

Lock In Your Interest Rate for 25 Years

Get the reassurance of a 25-year, 20-year or 10-year fixed interest rate. Your business deserves predictability, which is exactly what you get with the fixed-rate, fully amortized loans offered by Mountain West.
Current 20-year Rate: 3.38%

Get Cash Out of Your Building

Find the working capital you’ve been searching for by tapping into your building’s equity. As part of the SBA’s refinance program, you can get cash out of your building, giving your company that well-needed injection of working capital.

Your Equity Covers the Down Payment

Refinancing doesn’t mean that you need to tie up even more cash in your building. Use your building’s equity to cover the down payment, and keep your cash to run your business.


Want to refinance with a 20-year fixed rate?
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