Children’s Dental of Cedar City

With clubhouses, video games, movies, books, and balloons, everything about Children’s Dental screams fun for kids. Of course, that’s just how Dr. Jeremy Scholzen planned it. Born and raised in Hurricane, Utah, Jeremey is happy to practice pediatric dentistry in Southern Utah. Children’s Dental brings plenty of smiles to Southern Utah kids as well. The fun starts with the office completely designed with children in mind. The reception area is lare and comfortable, and all the examination benches have overhead flat screen TVs with headphones so that kids can watch movies during their appointments.
The staff is specially-trained to work with children and Jeremy himself, received an additional two years of pediatrics training to better understand the nature and needs of children. Even the equipment was designed with kids in mind. Children’s Dental digital X-ray machine exposes children to less radiation than regular X-ray machines and the smaller and softer X-ray tabs allow for X-rays of children at a much younger age than most would expect.

Jeremy opened Children’s Dental of St. George in 2007. Through its dedicated focus on children, the practice received a tremendous amount of positive word-of-mouth advertising and its clientele rapidly grew. With business thriving in St. George, Jeremy and his wife Laurie decided to open an office in Cedar City. For financing, they needed a low-cost, powerful loan that was flexible enough to meet their specific needs. Naturally, they looked to an SBA 504 loan and MWSBF. With an office in Southern Utah, MWSBF had local loan specialists there to walk Jeremy through the loan process every step of the way. Now Children’s Dental of Cedar City is giving children something to smile about.