MWSBF and The Olympics

Sochi is approaching. With less than a month until the official Olympic kick-off in Russia, Mountain West Small Business Finance is in full “Throwback Thursday” mode reflecting on their time as volunteers for the Luge at the 2002 Winter Games in Salt Lake City; and proving once again that MWSBF may very well be one […]Read More

MWSBF Makes “Top 10” CDC in the Country for SBA Veteran Lending

Mountain West Small Business Finance has been named one of the Top 10 Certified Development Companies (CDCs) in the country for loans to veterans, with $11.2 million in financing this year.Read More

MWSBF Spotlight: Lori Chavez

Lori Chavez (Right) (MWSBF Loan Assistant focusing on the 7A Community Advantage program) puts faith and family first; and it’s that dedication and close relationship with God that has sustained her in times of hardship and enriched her life in the good times.Read More

Living Greener ON the Grid

Have you seen them? The new solar panels on the roof of the MWSBF building beckoning the sun like a moth to the flame. Before you think your favorite stop to 504 shop has suddenly become a little too “crunchy” I assure you, the office space is still pretty free of Birkenstocks and Vegan cuisine.Read More

Bikram Yoga SLC

At 5:15 am the “harp” sounds on my iPhone alerting me that it’s time for the day to begin. There’s a pause, where my body and my mind think ‘it’s a mistake’ and ‘what could I possibly have to get up for?’ But then I remember: yoga.Read More


  Mountain West Small Business Finance is pleased to announce the “Blood War: the Battle Before the Game” takes place Wednesday, August 28, 2013. The event, sponsored by Mountain West with ARUP Laboratories is a blood drive between friendly in-state rivalsRead More

Accolades For MWSBF Intern Ben Clifford

USU Men’s Basketball’s Butterfield And Clifford Earn NABC Honors Court Accolades Aggie Due Make Up Half Of Mountain West ContingentRead More

Mountain West Celebrates Summer with the Bees (and The Sandlot!)

So much of a business’s culture is built on its traditions; and that’s what makes MWSBF’s Annual “Night Out With the Bee’s” a fitting company custom. “This event is really about getting everybody out.Read More

MWSBF Proudly Participates in NADCO’s VetLoan Advantage Program

MWSBF Honors Nation’s Heroes: Proudly Participates in NADCO’s VetLoan Advantage Program Salt Lake City, June14, 2013) — Mountain West Small Business Finance (MWSBF), the Mountain West’s leader in Small Business Administration 504 loans is pleased to participate in the NADCO VetLoan Advantage Program.Read More

NADCO Participants Return (Possibly) Sunburned but Enthused!

There wasn’t much time for the National Association of Development Companies (NADCO) Annual meeting’s participants to soak up the sun at the historic Hotel Del Coronado, even with the temptation of San Diego’s seventy-and-sunny weather. The associations new leadership had packed the schedule ensuring all participants had an opportunity to understand the possibilities for small […]Read More