The Bayou

You may have heard that it’s hard to get a drink in Utah. You’ve obviously never been to the Bayou. In fact, there may not be a more apt company slogan that the Bayou’s “Welcome to Beervana” because the Bayou is truly a beer lover’s paradise offering over 230 different beers, including dozens of labels that you will not find anywhere else in Utah and many hard to find anywhere in the Western United States. With beers from large German and American breweries to tiny specialty labels from Belgium and Czechoslovakia, it’s easy to see why Esquire magazine named the Bayou “One of the Top 100 Bars in the West” and why Imbibe magazine upped that platitude by calling it “One of the Top Places in the World to Drink Beer.”
With so much praise going to the beer selection, you may forget that the Bayou also serves mouthwatering food made fresh from scratch everyday. From soups to sandwiches to pizza to the famous Cajun specialties, the food is so good, you don’t need to drink to love the Bayou. And it’s hard to say whether it’s the food or the wide variety of beers that explain the Bayou’s eclectic crowd. On any given day you may find businessmen, politicians, couples, and groups of friends eating and drinking while taking in live music. You’ll probably even run into some college kids hitting the place late because they know the kitchen stays open past midnight. So the next time you hear that its hard to get a drink in Utah, you’ll know better. Because at the Bayou, you can not only get a beer, you can get any beer you like.

After working so hard to become established on State Street in Salt Lake City, Bayou owner Mark Alston wanted to ensure long-term stability at the location. He knew the best way to gain stability was to purchase the 13,600-square-foot building, so Mark turned to MWSBF and an SBA 504 loan for extremely favorable financing terms.

Mark Alston