Architectural Nexus

Architectural firms face a particular challenge when it comes to their own office space. Architects are in the business of planning and designing buildings and interiors, so their own offices should reflect their style and expertise. The architects at Architectural Nexus faced this challenge recently when they had the opportunity to purchase their own building. Of course, if any firm is up for a challenge, it’s Architectural Nexus.

Comprised for a diverse collection of architects, interior designers, and landscape architects who are interested in problem solving, Architectural Nexus is never happy to settle for boilerplate solutions. They firmly believe there’s a unique solution for every problem and every problem is worth knowing. So when it came time to design their own offices, the Architectural Nexus team saw and opportunity to build a space that would be a reflection of their identity. This meant they could put into practice their commitment to sustainability – as more than a buzzword, but to exemplify why sustainable building practices are one of the core values.

With financing via an SBA 504 loan from Mountain West Small Business Finance, the firm purchased an old Bally’s Fitness building and started working. Guided by sustainability, the team chose not to tear down the building and haul tons of material to landfill. Instead, they used meticulous planning, innovative thinking, and environmentally friendly building principles to repurpose the building. The transformed building is a beautiful and functional space that’s also highly sustainable. Solar panels were installed on the roof to generate electricity and a solar hot water system will soon be added. Floor panels from the old Bally’s aerobics room were used as accent wood in the design. The former locker room area of the fitness center was pared back, but several of the lockers and showers were left for employees to use, and a secure bike room was created for the conservation-minded company.

The stunning 30,000-square-foot building, featuring a spacious new reception area with natural light streaming through the large windows and breathtaking open air courtyard, has garnered rave reviews for its unique design, positive press coverage for its sustainability, and visits from both the Salt Lake City and Salt Lake County mayor’s offices. As planned, the building has become the premier marketing tool for the firm. With federal, county, and city governments – along with many other companies – becoming more interested in sustainable design and green buildings and/or retrofitting, Architectural Nexus’ own offices provide the blueprint for how complex problem solving and sustainable building can be done to perfection.

Kenner Kingston, Senior Principal, Director of Sustainability