“Every decision that was made during this process was focused on our guest.” – Kip Wilkes, owner Valley Market in Thayne, Wyoming

Kip Wilkes’ Valley Market used an SBA504 (small business loan) for an expansion and remodel of the store. Valley Market has been a staple in Thayne, Wyoming for more than 25 years.

The remodel and expansion, nearly doubles the size of the store (from 18,000 sq feet to 33,000). The updated décor was chosen specifically to reflect the colors, textures and design elements found throughout Star Valley.

Additionally, the remodel puts customers first with guest focused flourishes that run the gamut from larger aisles to more high quality and healthier products. Plus they’ve added services like fresh squeezed juices and lemonades, with kombucha on tap. Guests can now also find bulk foods with nut grinders and expanded organic produce section, gourmet cheese and more organic offerings.

As part of the due-diligence for the renovation and expansion, the Thayne Valley Market leadership visited other store owners and directors who had also recently expanded to identify specifically what is, or isn’t, working in their stores to maximize the guest experience.

The project created a positive impact on the Star Valley economy with the use of local lodging, food services, retain and working with a myriad of local subcontractors.

Mountain West Small Business Finance was especially thrilled about the project, as they’ve recently expanded operations for small business lending throughout Wyoming. You can read more about the expansion here.

Valley Market now also boasts seafood flown in daily from Seattle Fish Co., and locally sourced all-natural beef from Diamond Heart Beef.

The energy audit with Boneville Power helped reduce Valley Markets environmental impact by making several energy saving improvements including LED lighting inside and outside the store, new refrigeration and heating systems as well as new high efficiency refrigeration cases.

To learn more about Thayne’s Valley Market, visit thaynevalleymarket.com.

And if you’re looking to expand or grow your small business in Utah or Wyoming, find out more from an MWSBF Loan Officer. You can ask for more information here.