When asking Marcie Nelson how it feels to be celebrating two decades with Mountain West, the response is a jovial “Well, I supposed I feel a little older and SO much wiser!”

The Senior Servicing Administrator celebrates 20 years with Mountain West Small Business Finance today, (Friday, March 1, 2019).

Nelson said she’s does about everything in servicing, but handling prepayments is her favorite. “I enjoy the interaction with our borrowers, helping to solve problems, answer questions and hopefully leave them happy that they did business with us and will come back if they need financing.”

Borrowers, colleagues and co-workers have felt her influence and positivity. In fact, when asked what her favorite thing is about working for Mountain West, Nelson says it’s her coworkers – near and far. And while no specific moment standouts in her time with Mountain West, she’s overwhelmingly positive noting the breath and depth of experiences she’s gleaned in the past two decades with MWSBF:

“The variety of things I’ve been able to learn and the people I’ve worked with, past and present; also, the opportunity I’ve had to travel to fun places with MWSBF and bring family and friends along. All in all, it’s been a pleasure for me to get up each morning and come to work!”