This year, senior vice president and loan officer Mike Vanchiere will celebrate 30 years of service with Mountain West Small Business Finance. Since 1980, MWSBF  has funded more than 70 loans in Lindon for a total project cost of $73,789,934, (with Mountain West’s portion being $32,085,000) and have created 1085 jobs. Mike has been key in job creation and MWSBF’s success, as the company’s president John D. Evans explains:

“With nearly thirty-years of lending experience at Mountain West, and even more time spent in the field before joining our company, Mike Vanchiere has played an integral role building and expanding our Utah County operations: helping hundreds of businesses succeed. Additionally, for the past two years, he’s also dedicated his time, talents and unique insights as a member of the Lindon Planning Commission. On behalf of Mountain West Small Business, I congratulate Mike on his recent appointment to the Lindon City Council.”


Mike was also recently featured in the January/February edition of Utah Valley Magazine as a “Leader in Service” for his volunteer work with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Utah County. (Check out the piece on page five in the online version of the publication here.)

We caught up to wish him the best on the appointment and hear a little more about what the new position entails.

MW: We heard congratulations are in order for your appointment to the Lindon City Council! That’s awesome.

MV: Thank you. I’m pleased, a little nervous and ready to go to work.

MW: When does the appointment go into effect? 

MV: I will be officially sworn in at the City Council meeting on February 5, 2019. I have already begun meeting with the City Administrator for orientation and visited with the four other members of the Council.

MW: Who are you replacing? 

MV: I am replacing Daril Magleby who is now serving a mission with his wife in Scotland/Ireland. By the way, Daril is a 504 borrower!

MW: What a small world—that’s great. I understand you’re a member of Lindon’s Planning Commission as well. 

MV: Yes, I have been on the Lindon City Planning Commission for two years. My service ends on Tuesday, January 22, 2019.

MW: And with the new council appointment, you will also need to run this year…

MV: That is correct. I will need to start campaigning for the election that will be held in November 2019. There will be three seats up for re-election including mine. If I am successful, I will serve a two-year term.

MW: Tell us a bit about what you’ll be doing as a council member… 

MV: My responsibilities on the Council include being the liaison for Parks, Trails & Recreations, plus the Cemetery, Lindon Days, Transfer Station and Solid Waste Board, and other duties as assigned.

MW: Sounds like a lot of work, but you’re certainly the right pick for the job. [On background, there were 11 other applicants for the position.] Congratulations again on the position. Before we close, any last thoughts you’d like to share?

MV: I am humbled and grateful that I was chosen to serve the citizens of Lindon. I look forward to serving with enthusiasm and will work hard to bring the skills and talents I have honed over the year to the position. I also look forward to learning from the current Council Members, the Mayor and the citizens of Lindon.


This interview has been edited for clarity/content.