MWSBF would like to welcome Spencer Davis as the newest Loan Officer to our Salt Lake Office. Spencer moved to our Salt Lake office from our St. George office in May.  As with all new Salt Lake employees, we asked Spencer to fill out a personality/biographical questionnaire to help us (and you) get to know him better.
First things first, are you related to Scott Davis, our illustrious President?

Yes. He’s my father.

If you could rename the 504, what would you call it?

The Beth Solomon Memorial Loan

What sport did you play in high school?


So you grew up in SLC right? What is it like moving back?

Eagle born, Eagle bred, Eagle till the day I’m dead! It’s a lot easier to go back and hang out at Skyline, which is awesome.

How many kids do you have and what are their names, ages and genders?

Owen Judd Davis, 9, male. Eli Davis, 7, male. Emmett Davis, 4, male. Walt Davis, 1, male.

Which one is your favorite? Which one is your wife’s favorite?

My favorite is Eli. My wife’s favorite is Emmett.  Owen and Walt really need to step up their game.

If you didn’t have kids, what would be your top three hobbies?

Napping, Triathalons and just doing fun things in general.

What was your first email address?

Could you provide us with your latest selfie or instagram post?

This glorious picture is from this year’s MWSBF golf tournament.

Do you have a favorite food truck?

If I did, they would probably serve BBQ

What level of Dungeon Master are you?

I am a level 17 Dark Mage. I specialize in the wind elementals.

If you could read, which book would be your favorite?

If I could read, it would probably be A Confederacy of Dunces

Name your top three celebrities that you follow on Twitter or Instagram

Ronda Rousey, Bob Coleman, Michael Okonkwo

How much can you bench press?

100 lbs, no problem

Do you believe in Bigfoot? Nessie? The Bear Lake Monster?

Bigfoot for sure. Please visit my blog, The Ministry of Truth for a more detailed analysis on my belief in Bigfoot.  (

If you could sing one song on American Idol, what would it be?

Off the top of my head, I Would love to do a duet with Sanjaya, singing Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us by Starship

If you could only listen to one album produced in the last 15 years, which one would it be?

American Psycho, the Misfits

What’s your real favorite movie (not the one you tell everyone is your favorite because it makes you seem more cultured, but the one you actually like the best. Even if it’s Newsies. Be honest, this is for posterity.)

Road House

Someone is making a movie of your life (congrats!). Who would play you? Who would play your wife?

Joshua Jackson (me), Katie Holmes (my wife)

What super villain are you most like and why?

Ozymandias from Watchmen because he is so passive aggressive. I’m sure he also hates filling out questionnaires

If you could get rid of one U.S. state, which one would it be and why? 

Tennessee for sure. Getting rid of Tennessee would do a lot to rid our nation of country music