No one likes a braggart, so we’ll just call it “sharing our great news.” Mountain West Small Business Finance (MWSBF) is proud of the fact that we’re consistently ranked in the top ten nationally for Certified Development Companies.

We take pride in our ranking as #1 in our region. That’s out of 17 CDC’s for Utah, Colorado, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana and Wyoming.

And out of all 227 CDC’s across the country, we’re ranked 7th in the nation for total dollars funded this year, and 6th in total loan volume (number of total loans funded).

So how do we do it? It probably won’t surprise you to hear it’s a numbers game. At Mountain West Small Business Finance we saw a 33.4% increase in monies lent over (FYE) 2013. In fact, we’re the only CDC in the Nation’s Top 10 to lend more money in fiscal 2014 than fiscal 2013: 157 loans resulting in $120,076,000.

But to pull these kinds of numbers, we know it takes more than fiscal-savvy. When you work with Mountain West SBF, you know it’s the people that make the difference. And that’s why, as this Holiday season kicks off, we would publicly like to thank our small businesses, partners and employees that have helped us achieve such great success this past year.

Season’s greetings!