March 4, 2014 – Washington, DC: Mountain West Small Business Finance was honored at the NADCO (National Association of Development Companies Organization) Government Relations Conference this week for excellence in marketing.

The Company received First place in the “Marketing March Madness Awards”

“Blogger” category: and Honorable Mention in the video category for their piece on economic development in Springdale, Utah. The awards recognize outstanding marketing and media initiatives by Certified Development Companies and, as NADCO President & CEO Beth Solomon explained, “set the industry benchmark for excellence across all areas of CDC marketing.” The winners of these Awards [are] NADCO members who took risks, made strides and used the power of media and marketing in telling our industry’s story.”

Danny Mangum, Vice President for Mountain West SBF helped produce the company’s Springdale video and said: “It’s an honor to be recognized. The REAL504 program has played a key economic development role in towns and cities across the country. We wanted to focus on how this program is impacting more than just one business at a time. It’s affecting entire communities – and I think our Springdale piece told that story well.”

Regarding Mountain West’s Blog award Mangum explained: “We were fortunate to have a complete overhaul of our website this past year. We knew it needed to be more than just a place that housed the program documents, contact info and standard financial-speak. Part of the website’s goal was to create a medium that told the stories of the small businesses we serve, as well as be a resource for our community and banking partners. Additionally, we wanted to highlight our employees who may not meet with our partner’s face-to face but still play a key role in making their REAL504 financing a reality. Our blog was the channel we created to do that, found the talent to tell these stories; and pharmacy again, but and overnighters.

It’s nice to be recognized for the role it’s playing.”