Sochi is approaching. With less than a month until the official Olympic kick-off in Russia, Mountain West Small Business Finance is in full “Throwback Thursday” mode reflecting on their time as volunteers for the Luge at the 2002 Winter Games in Salt Lake City; and proving once again that MWSBF may very well be one of the best places to work in the State.

“Mountain West is the best company to work for and it doesn’t pertain to them just allowing us to participate in the winter games,” Kim Harper, Mountain West SBF Loan Assistant explains. “Mountain West exceeds all expectations for service to the community and also to their employees.”

Steve Suite, Chief Administrator Officer for MWSBF sheds a little more light: “We care about people. We provide exceptional benefits, above average compensation and extraordinary opportunities to do things that most employees only dream about.”

In addition to opportunities for professional athletic events plus theater and cultural events (new Star Wars Movies are of course included) all on the Company’s dime, twelve years ago, MWSBF paid for it’s employees to volunteer for the Olympics (more on MWSBF’s ties specifically to the Luge in a story later this month).

“Never in the history of the State of Utah nor the history of the 503/504 Program was there a more significant Economic Development event,” Scott Davis, Mountain West’s President explained. “It made all the sense in the world for Mountain West to support and encourage its employees to volunteer and to get involved.”

And get involved they did. From Luge Track Sweepers Michael Vanchiere and Scott “never slipped or fell in the track once” Davis, to hospitality and beyond, Mountain West played its role well in supporting games.

“Being part of something that impacted the entire world and brought people together in a common cause,” was Vanchiere’s favorite part of the Games. “Knowing that I was a part of an elite group that helped make it happen. Also,” he adds, “the clothing and the swag were pretty impressive.”

For Suite, said his favorite part of the games was preparing for them with the test event. And even before that, when I went to the World Championships in Switzerland to meet the international luge community and get a feel for some of the things I would need to do at the test event: like feed our ‘field of play’ personnel, host officials, set up and oversee the individual awards ceremonies, organize the closing ceremonies and banquet, etc.”

“It was a good time to be had by all!” Harper said. “For the employees that did participate, it was a great bonding experience for our group. Up on the track at 5:00 – 6:00 am, hot chocolate, cold hands and feet, looking for anyplace to get warm (for just a minute), but when it was all over it proved to be a once in a lifetime experience. I would do it all over again…”

Vanchiere added: “I was so appreciative that Mountain West would make the opportunity available to its employees. It told me, and the world, that when they say they support the community and give back, they really mean it. They walk the walk as well as talk the talk.”