Lori Chavez (Right) (MWSBF Loan Assistant focusing on the 7A Community Advantage program) puts faith and family first; and it’s that dedication and close relationship with God that has sustained her in times of hardship and enriched her life in the good times. She says her proudest moment is her daughter Megan’s marriage.

Currently she serves as the Coordinator for M’Pact Girls Ministries at The Adventure Church in Draper–think Girl Scouts, but with a strong emphasis on Biblical principles. She’s also attending the Central Valley School of Ministry.

At Mountain West, Lori shares that her “experience has been in managing the intricate ‘back office’ functions of how 7A loans operate.”

She’s responsible, along with Jeff Vancherie Mountain West’s Community Advantage & Business Development Officer, for the 7A Community Advantage process. Jeff says that: “Lori is the perfect assistant because she’s always two steps ahead. Most of the time she knows what I need before I even ask for it.

She’s also very reliable, it’s nice to know that I can count on her to move projects forward if I’m away.”

For Lori, a typical day at the office might include meetings with potential borrowers and “packaging” the loans: gathering the necessary financial information for financial analysis for SBA loan submission. She performs pre-closing documentation requirements, loan closings and services existing Community Advantage 7A loans from loan disbursements, monthly billings and payments, SBA monthly loan reporting, site visits and annual financial analysis. It’s safe to say she’s a 7A Guru!

But she also assists with packaging 504 loans; and when it comes to her job she loves being at the beginning of the process, really getting to know each borrower, how their company operates, and their vision for growth and success.

Lori enjoys being challenged and learning new things, but says it’s the people at Mountain West that she enjoys most. When personal tragedy struck Lori earlier this year, she says the Mountain West team was supportive and encouraging.

When Lori’s not ministering or working, she loves hanging out with family and friends: catching up over coffee, eating sushi, supporting local community theater, going to a ReAL Salt Lake game or simply getting together at each other’s home for dinner or a Bible study.

The Same “Hypothetical” Five Questions:

1. One thing you cannot live without is…My faith and hope in Jesus Christ.

2. A new restaurant getting rave reviews just opened up down the street from your house. What would be your favorite three-course meal they serve? It depends on the type of new restaurant it is. When I try a new restaurant, I will typically ask the server what is the most popular but also what is his/her favorite whether it’s on the menu or not. There’s too many wonderful things to experience to simply put on a pair of blinders to my personal preferences and not enjoy all that life has to offer.

3. Time and space are not obstacles: who’s on the guest list at your ultimate dinner party? Mother Theresa.

4. Your dream vacation would be to: A first-class trip on the Orient Express

5. One thing your boss would never guess about you.???Not Sure???

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