Mountain West Small Business Finance is pleased to announce the “Blood War: the Battle Before the Game” takes place Wednesday, August 28, 2013. The event, sponsored by Mountain West with ARUP Laboratories is a blood drive between friendly in-state rivals Utah State University and the University of Utah to see who can garner the most support for blood donations on their school’s behalf.


“The Blood War promises to bring the goods and goodwill,” said Ben Clifford, Utah State basketball player and MWSBF intern, who was part of the team that planned the event. Participants will be eligible for giveaways for Jazz tickets and sporting events for the University of Utah, Utah State and BYU.


Held at the Millcreek Recreation Center, 2266 East Evergreen Avenue in Salt Lake City, the event includes food (don’t miss out on famous Aggie Ice Cream and Subway Sandwiches), plenty of festivities and fun– with extras like a golf pro on hand to give free lessons.


“Rivalries are fun, but when you can give something back — that’s when things really get heated,” Clifford said. “Utah State pulled off the upset last year and we think the Aggies can take it two years in a row.


While Clifford obviously won’t be on the field for the game on the 29th, he says that “there’s a spirit of friendly competition surrounding the event. When it comes to blood donations, this is not entirely a case of what the scoreboard says. We have a chance to do something that makes a difference in the long run. It goes beyond sports.”


The good news is that whichever school can claim victory for most donations, everyone participating walks away a winner.


Blood War: Battle Before the Game

Wednesday, August 28 2:00 – 5:00pm

Millcreek Recreation Center

2266 East Evergreen Avenue (3435 So) in Salt Lake City


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