So much of a business’s culture is built on its traditions; and that’s what makes MWSBF’s Annual “Night Out With the Bee’s” a fitting company custom.

“This event is really about getting everybody out. It’s not a night to do business – it’s about spending time with family and friends, and just an opportunity to be together,” explained Steve Suite, Chief Administrative Officer who says the annual ball game tradition is now in it’s fifteenth year; and as far as he can tell the traditions will continue.

“Our employees enjoy seeing the people they work with face-to face,” Suite said. “And I think our employees and our partners — from banker to board member – enjoy the chance to bring their families and enjoy the casual atmosphere.”

All enjoyed the traditional ballpark fare with a picnic of burgers, dogs and all the necessary trimmings. Families noshed and visited; and soon long it was time to cheer on James Hilton Vice President, Wells Fargo Bank as he threw out the first pitch.

It was a night full of fun and surprises. In addition to the standard Spring Mobile excitement one would expect with professional baseball, the ballpark was also celebrating the Twentieth Anniversary of “The Sandlot,” filmed in parts of Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas of Bountiful and Ogden. Patrick Renna (now 34) who played the great Hambino and made famous: “You’re killing me, Smalls!” was one of

a handful of the original cast members who were on hand to sign autographs, meet with players and fans and throw some ceremonious pitchers as well. Fans were also treated to an after-game showing of “The Sandlot” on outfield’s grass.

So although the scoreboard’s finally tally left the Bees falling 18-7 to the Sacramento River Cats, MWSBF’s Annual “Night Out with the Bee’s” was definitely a winning night!