MWSBF Honors Nation’s Heroes:
Proudly Participates in NADCO’s VetLoan Advantage Program

Salt Lake City, June14, 2013) — Mountain West Small Business Finance (MWSBF), the Mountain West’s leader in Small Business Administration 504 loans is pleased to participate in the NADCO VetLoan Advantage Program. The program, founded in cooperation with the U.S. Small Business Administration and members of the National Association of Development Companies (NADCO), offers small business financing discounts and training to veterans who own businesses or are interested in small business ownership and has already helped more than 380 veterans receive loans this year – totaling more than $260 million.

“It makes sense for us to participate,” Scott Davis, President MWSBF explained. “We see patterns in small business, and one of those patterns is the success of veterans as small business owners.” Davis explained that access to capital continues to be a challenge in an economy with high unemployment rates, so the VetLoan Advantage Program, “is the right thing to do, and it’s good business.”

For Veterans participating with Mountain West SBF in the VetLoan Advantage Program, benefits include:

• Waived Loan Origination Fee on USDA Rural Loan Program (usually 1.5%)
• Waived Packaging Fee on Community Advantage Loans ($1000.00)
• Rebate 33% of the Loan Origination Fee on SBA 504 Loans with a total project cost of $1,250,000 or higher
• Rebate up to $1,000 of the Loan Origination fee for SBA 504 Loans with a total project cost of less than $1,250,000

Davis added that one of the biggest challenges the company faces with the program is “just getting the word out to our Veterans. The program hasn’t been heavily publicized yet,” Davis continued, “But we’re hoping that with Flag Day, and the Fourth just around the corner, people will put the extra patriotism they’re feeling towards talking about ways to help our Nation’s Heroes – not just parades and picnics.”

More information on the VetLoan Advnatge Program and financing help for small businesses is available at

Sabrena Suite-Mangum

MWSBF Blogger