Long before the Eurhythmics sang “that behind every great man, there had to be a great woman;” conventional wisdom (and plenty of feminists) knew there was more to that phrase than meets the eye. I’d say the same thing about my husband’s success in the business world. And before you think me too full of myself (have I mentioned I’m married to a MWSBF Loan Officer?), I’m not talking about me as his better half. He’ll be the first to tell you that almost all of what gets accomplished with his deals happens because of loan assistant: Michele Cline. (Left in white jacket)

Loan Assistants play a key role in getting loans put together. They work with loan officers, bankers and borrowers through all stages of the loan process, from gathering information, to piecing together what else is required on the deal, entering the information into the database and in the end getting the loan project submitted to the SBA. Michelle says “the best part of my day is when we get a loan submitted or approved from the SBA and when I take a loan to our closing department.”

She loves the “creative investigation of piecing a loan together.” She says her work is like a giant puzzle, frustrating at times, but rewarding when all the pieces come together. There’s a real team spirit involved in getting a loan through the SBA. She loves the people she works with at Mountain West, her loan officers and especially enjoys the lunchtime (ladies) gatherings in the conference room.

Michele – a Salt Lake native – lives with her husband: they are definitely dog people. She’s also an accomplished golfer who enjoys skiing, oil and water painting and “all things Greek especially feta and Windex!”

As part of our “Behind the Scene Spotlight Series” we’ll be asking MWSBF employees these same ‘hypothetical’ five questions:

1. One thing you cannot live without is… water, chocolate and my husband Jeff, but not in that order!

2. A new restaurant getting rave reviews just opened up down the street from your house. What would be your favorite three-course meal they serve? Cheese and crackers for appetizer, fried chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy, macaroni and cheese and of course, chocolate cake with chocolate frosting for dessert, my comfort food menu.

3. Time and space are not obstacles: who’s on the guest list at your ultimate dinner party? First of all, we would need a larger dining room table. My immediate family, Picasso, Einstein, Khalil Gibran, Jesus Christ, Buddha, Cleopatra, Leonardo Di Vinci, Abraham Lincoln, Barack and Michelle Obama.

4. Your dream vacation would be to: Anywhere warm with a beach so I can play and listen to the ocean.

5. One thing the Mountain West family would never guess about you: My dinner guest list!

-Sabrena Suite-Mangum