If children are the future, then conventional wisdom would say that educating and nurturing them ought to be left to the experts. Enter Dancing Moose Montessori School and Dr. Joyce Sibbert, the genius and creator behind “DMMS.”

Sibbert explains she “wanted to create an environment where children, particularly those from families where both parents worked, could flourish and utilize the critical years of early childhood to develop foundational skills.” And from her vantage point just “providing childcare” was not meeting the marks Dancing Moose strives for. “I want children’s interest to be stimulated,” she says, “their curiosity constantly encouraged, and their play geared toward enhanced understandings. Our curriculum supports, the social, emotional, intellectual and physical well being of every child.”

For Dancing Moose that vision means teachers are care-givers AND teachers, with a critical focus placed on children as learners. The learning experience is multi-faceted, including sensory exploration with Tae Kwan Do and yoga classes, and gardening in the Dancing Moose Community Garden and green house. (The garden won accolades and recognition for its contribution to the community.) Even snack-time and meals play a role as healthy eating habits are encouraged with food prepared from scratch in a gourmet kitchen by two well-qualified chefs; and the entire campus is safe guarded with a security system that includes a fingerprint and digitally coded entrance with cameras and a monitor that allows parents to view their children in the classroom at any time.

The facility spans 19,000 square feet with 12 classrooms, a multi-purpose gym, radiant heat with spacious hallways, high ceilings and windows designed to flood the building with natural light. A unique wind turbine on the roof enhances DMMS’s commitment to green energy.

It’s a formula for success and has earned the school plenty of accolades, including “Best of State” awards in Utah for the past four years, two of those as the “best preschool,” one year for “best administrator” and winner of the broad category of the “best overall education.”

Mountain West is proud to partner with Dancing Moose, and will again help finance a beautiful new building at River Park Corporate Center. Like the experience Sibbert strives to deliver to Dancing Moose families, Mountain West offers a similar approach. “They listen, take interest in our goals, and support our vision for excellence,” Sibbert explains. “They have worked with us at a personal level that lets us trust that they will support that vision of excellence. They did the necessary work to understand our financial portfolio and provide outstanding financial advice; beyond that though, they made sure that they had confidence in who we are and what we stand for. That’s the personal touch that makes all the difference.”

Sabrena Suite-Mangum

MWSBF Blogger