With a business built on word of mouth, or more precisely, bark and meow of mouth, University Veterinary Hospital and Diagnostic Center (UVHDC) has cultivated a solid four-legged clientele. And though the hospital provides its patients with leading edge technology in laser surgery, diagnostic testing, chemotherapy, ultrasonography, anesthetic monitoring, and even Utah’s first veterinary CT scanner, owners Jim Ack and Lynn McCarron attribute their success to the hospital’s warm environment and dedicated care and service that comes from the heart.

Known for the thorough approach to diagnosis and treatment, UVHDC believes that no case is too challenging. Each member of the staff, including the five veterinarians, explore all options in caring for the patients. The hospital always goes the extra mile because the hospital team treats patients as if there were members of their own family.

“We never say, ‘I don’t know,’ without saying, ‘We’ll find out more.’” Lynn says.

This dedication has bolstered the hospital’s reputation and helped them win a 2008 Best in State medal. Of course, the exemplary customer service and subsequent business growth is only natural when compassion is part of the business.

“Care and service from the heart” Jim says, “isn’t just a tagline, it’s a reflection of the emotional investment and commitment of our team. That’s our big secret to success.”